TmP Tutorials

Initial Setup and Session Creation

Step 1. Click the create account link. Follow the steps, entering your using name email and password. Once complete you’ll have to click a verification link in your email, don’t forget to check the junk folder!

Step 2. You can start using the app before verifying your email, we do recommend verifying the email first, just in case you need to recover your account!

Step 3. Now that your account is set up you can start to use the app. Click the green + sign on the bottom right of the screen to start a session.

Step 4. Once you click the green + sign, choose between Cash Game or Tournament, enter your buy-in and click the check mark at the top right to start your session. Note that all sessions use the default information or information from the prior session if your defaults are not set up.

Step 5. Once you start a session, it will appear in the Active sessions area. From here you can click into the session to add re-buys, and edit the session details such as, location, blind levels ext.

Step 6. Close the session. Once your finished playing, press the END SESSION button from the active session page. Next the app will prompt you to enter the amount you cashed out for. Once you enter the amount press the check mark at the top right of the screen.

Step 7. You can now see the session in the closed sessions tab. All the details can be edited by clicking into the closed session.

That is it for this tutorial post. Please check the other posts to learn how to set session defaults and import data from other poker tracking apps.

How to Set Session Defaults

The Track my Poker app will use the Buy-in, Game Type, Game, Limit Type, Location and Session name from your previous session by default. If you want the app to use predetermined settings you can edit them in the session defaults area.

Step 1. Click Account at the bottom right, then click Session Defaults. Then click Cash game defaults or Tournament defaults

Step 2. Edit your defaults. From here you can set the buy-in, location, game type and many more. When your finished click the back arrow at the top left of the screen and your done!

How to Import Data

Track my Poker supports the import of CSV (excel) files from Poker Income, Poker Journal and Run Good. We also can import custom data (see the custom import tutorial). This tutorial will walk through the steps for an Apple user importing data from Run Good (same steps for Poker Income and Poker Journal).

Step 1. You need to export data from your previous poker app or have data readily available in an excel file. I recommend using iCloud, Dropbox or a similar file sharing service in order to have the excel file easily accessible from your phone or tablet.

Step 2. Click the data tab at the bottom of the app. Then select the file type you want to import (Poker Income, Poker journal or Run Good). From here click the import data button in Step 2 in the app.

Step 3. The app will open a file search from your device. I saved my Run Good sessions export into iCloud and the file appears at the bottom left. Click the file and if it is the proper format, it should import without a hitch!

Step 4. If the import is successful you will get the notification below. If you have any issues uploading send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help!

Step 5. After the import you should be able to see all your sessions in the closed sessions tab.